ئاگاداری بۆ خوێندکارانی قۆناغی سێیەمی سەرجەم بەشەکانی زانکۆی سلێمانی

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بۆ سەرجەم خویندکارانی قۆناغی سیهەم بەشەکانی زانکۆی سلێمانی  ئەوانەی  فۆرمی پروگرامی ڕاهێنانی تواناکان ( INTERNSHIP )پر کردۆتەوە کە تایبەتە بە مەشقی هاوینە تکایە ڕۆژی پینچ شەمە بەرواری 23/6/2016 کاژمێر  12.30 لە هوڵی کۆنفرانسی سکوڵی کارگێڕی و ئابووری ئامادەبن 
لە گەڵ ڕێزدا
بەڕێوەبەرایەتی بە کارخستن و گەشەپێدان CDC

Job Opportunity for Mechanical or Electrical Engineering gratuated

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A great opportunity has come up for some talented and hard working students to work at GE Corporation.
We are looking at hiring fresh graduates over the next 6 months with the below pre requisites in mind:
  • Recent graduate in Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical preferred)
  • Cumulative Grade above 3.0 of a scale of 4.0 (equivalent to 70% and above) or Grade above 3.25 of a scale of 4.0 (equivalent to 75% and above)
  • Fluent in English (written & spoken)
  • Geographically mobile in the region
  • Preferably candidates who are willing to live and work in Baghdad or Erbil.

Please , send your C.V for this email
Career Development Center university of Sulaimani

Announcement about Internship Program

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The list of Internship program student’s names

The attachment below shows the names of the students who have been selected of internship summer program across the University of Sulaimani,

Click Here


Firstly, the students who have been selected in order to take this program in Miran group should present at 10 AM on Wednesday 24th of June with holding their C.V.

Secondly, other students should be waiting for a call or email from the representative of other companies.

Good Luck and enjoying your internship summer program

Daroon F.A.

Director of Career Development Center 


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Daroon Faraidun Abdulla

For those students who already graduated from the University of Sulaimani, behalf on our cervices our CDC wants to inform you that there are more than 50 jobs are available and in different specialization particularly for those who graduated from these schools which are seen below:

  1. School of Administration and economics
  2. School of Engineering
  3. School of Language
  4. School of Science
  5. School of Low
  6. School of Basic Education
  7. school of human science
  8. School of Commerce

Please send your C.V and BSc certificate (ASAP) for this email address [email protected]

Note, please when you submit your C.V, write your full name and year of graduation and specialize in the (subject)

Best regards

Daroon Abdulla, Director of CDCSoU

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